ECD Workforce Development


Increasing and Upskilling ECD Workforce in Pakistan Supported by Foundation Open Society Institute


As part of its mandate Pakistan Alliance for Early Childhood (PAFEC) is continuously working to promote holistic development of young children in Pakistan. One of the key pre-requisites for promoting holistic Early Childhood Development (ECD) is to prepare qualified ECD workforce in the first place to provide quality ECD services to children and their parents. ECD workforce is ranging from initial caregivers, parents, teachers, health workers up to policy makers. PAFEC is working on this agenda from different angles including ECD policy formulation & advocacy, awareness of general masses, networking and capacity building of the above mentioned ECD stakeholders.

Recently PAFEC has been awarded a grant by the Foundation Open Society Institute(FOSI) to work on increasing and upskilling ECD workforce in Pakistan in collaboration with public & private universities and training colleges. The overall purpose of this project is to contribute to universalising holistic ECD/ECCE in Pakistan, by working with the public and private universities and Teacher Training Colleges (TTCs) in four provinces of Pakistan, to build the next generation of ECD workforce, tailored to the National Curriculum of Early Childhood Care & Education (ECCE). The expected impact of this project in the medium term is increased quality and quantity of ECD workforce in Pakistan.

The project will play a critical role in professionlising ECD sector in Pakistan by building capacity of public universities and teachers training colleges to develop well trained human resource for ECD. The main expectation is that some of the partner institutions will gradually become specialised centers of excellences in the field of ECD/ECCE, providing research opportunities to develop a strong link between theory and practice, which is relatively new in Pakistan. This initiative will also encourage many aspiring youths to join this sector, injecting new blood and making economic as well as quality academic impact for the society.