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Institutional membership with PAFEC is offered to local, national and international organizations working on Early Childhood Development(ECD), Mother & Child Health, Nutrition, Hygiene, WASH, Child Protection & Child Welfare, Academic Institutions, Corporate Sector which promote ECD.

INSTITUTIONAL MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS                                                   

  • Provides the latest research-based knowledge and best practices in ECD through the quarterly e- newsletter, Website, and the social media platforms
  • Provides capacity-building opportunities through engaging members in experience-sharing/peer learning activities, technical workshops, conferences, seminars, webinars, online and face ref Courses
  • Engages members to develop and translate ECD material and engages them as resource persons
  • Provides exclusive rights to participate in the Alliance organised events, such as training programmes, exhibitions, conferences, webinars, and seminars on preferential terms
  • Knowledge networking and institution building
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