Vision, Mission & Objectives

Our shared vision is to work for a happy, healthy, prosperous, socially inclusive and pluralistic society in Pakistan through Early Childhood Development.

Our mission is to universalise access to holistic Early Childhood Development services for every child in Pakistan from 0 to age 8.

The ‘Alliance’ will promote this mission by:

  • Developing common understanding amongst all stakeholders about concepts of holistic inclusive and multi-sectoral ECD practices
  • Engaging in policy dialogue and advocacy with the government to define key roles of its ministries(health, nutrition, child protection, education, and planning) in promoting holistic and inclusive development of all children
  • Providing forums for sharing knowledge, best practices, and experiences; strengthening capacities, mobilising resources, and promoting collaboration among ECD stakeholders
  • Facilitating stakeholders to secure grants and investments for developing and delivering innovative ECD services, material development and undertaking relevant research projects
  • Empowering Communities (parents, families, individual ECD practitioners, and civil society organisations) giving them awareness about the importance of ECD and connecting them with government and private resources from planning to implementation of ECD (Pre-natal-3)