Dr Batool Atta

Dr. Batool Atta

Ph.D., Michigan State University, USA.

Dr. Batool Atta earned her Ph.D. in curriculum, instruction and teacher education from the College of Education, Michigan State University, USA. She is presently serving as an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Education, University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (UAJ&K). Dr Batool Atta has served in multiple leadership roles in academia over the years in the USA and Pakistan, including as the Chair of the Institute of Education UAJ&K, Co-Chair Student Parent on Mission (SPOM) MSU, and as representative on CoGS (council of graduate students, MSU. Dr. Batool Atta is a Member, Steering Committee, of the USAID funded Pakistan Reading Project in AJ&K.

In her recent tenure as chair to the Institute of Education in UAJ&K, she expanded and redefined the role and responsibilities of the university institute of education in AJ&K by developing connections with multiple levels and layers of education, policy and practices within the State of AJ&K and beyond. As part of her work, she led development of a four year undergraduate program in elementary education for the institute of education UAJ&K – the first of its kind in Pakistan – along with developing certificate level courses for elementary and higher grade teachers in multiple disciplines. Dr. Batool Atta has worked closely with the students, teachers and communities in both Pakistan and the USA, settings in her role as a researcher, teacher, and administrator through her community outreach activities over the years. Her research interests include language and literacy practices, teacher education and mathematics and science learning, particularly in elementary school settings. Her work addresses multilingual spaces especially in connection with implicit and explicit language policies.