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Children hate school, not because they hate learning but due to the amount of stress and anxiety endured during school hours. Future Smart Daycare & Pre-School empowers children to take control of their learning and make better decisions about their future. Our school reinforces the abilities of children are through love, support, and praise.
Karakoram Education Foundation (KEF) is a non-profit organization registered in 2020 under Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies, Ordinance 1961 (XLV of 1961). The overall objective of the organization is to facilitate access to capacity building opportunities and services for the most vulnerable people including women, children & special persons in neglected regions mostly in Gilgit-Baltistan. ECD is at the core of KEF.
Asslam o alaikum
I am saima Malik "Lecturer in Education and PhD scholar in Early Childhood Education. I can perform good job for ECE in Pakistan. My area of Research is ECE in pakistan.