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Success Story
I want you to accept me as I AM, help me develop my abilities and talents and give me a good quality education.

Written by: Akram Khaskheli

Abdul Rehman S/o Muhammad Azam is living in Usman Colony Daur, District Shaheed Benazirabad. Usman Colony is an underprivileged area of Taluka Daur, District Shaheed Benazirabad, Sindh due to lack of basic amenities, such as Gas, proper health Services and more importantly education facilities. The inhabitants of this area are unaware of the importance of education especially early childhood education & development. Abdul Rehman a 4 years old child who has a minor disability as one of his hands is not working properly. He has 5 siblings and his father is a tenant farmer having 2 acres of land to cultivate. He comes from a poor family and it is hard for his father to fulfill the basic needs of the family from his meager income.

In our society people usually prefer not to educate their differently abled children if they are facing financial constraints but they try to educate their normal children in any ways. Similarly, Abdul Rehman’s parents were also reluctant to enroll him in the school and thus his minor disability was a great hurdle in his educational endeavors.
Abdul Rehman is one of the children with God-gifted qualities. He is one of the talented children, but due to his disability he was unable to get attention of his parents as well as the society because it takes time for the society to accept such differently abled children. Because of this ignorance at the society and parents level such children are deprived from their basic rights and needs which ultimately worsens the situation for them. The same problem was with Abdul Rehman, due to negligence he had lost hope and was just roaming around in the streets aimlessly.

Meanwhile, Hari Welfare Association became a hope for this child and it approached him to get him enrolled in the school of Hari Welfare Association in the ECCE class without charging any fee. He is given due consideration by the School Management and dedicated teachers along with caregivers give him special attention and care to educate him. He is given a conducive environment to develop his skills and creativity. This approach has enhanced his confidence and he is actively participating in the routine activities of ECE center, playing independently as well as with other children. This ray of hope enabled him to think about his life in a positive manner while saying good bye to his hopelessness life. He is performing extraordinarily and competing the other normal children in every subject of his class.
Hari Welfare Association believes in equal opportunities for all children and is becoming a hope for hopeless people by providing free education to the most needy, poverty stricken and most deserving people in the province of Sindh.