A World Ready to Learn: New report on early childhood education


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A solid body of evidence shows that the foundations for learning are largely built in the early years of life, before a child ever crosses the threshold of a primary school. Children who fall behind in these early years often never catch up with their peers, perpetuating a cycle of underachievement and high dropout rates that continue to harm vulnerable young people.

Yet despite the proven and lifelong benefits of pre-primary education, the new report A World Ready to Learn: Prioritizing quality early childhood education finds that half of the pre-primary school-age children in the world today – that is, at least 175 million children – are not enrolled in pre-primary education during these vital years, deepening inequalities and missing a critical investment opportunity. In low-income countries, nearly 8 in 10 children – 78 per cent – are missing out on this opportunity.

UNICEF’s first global report on pre-primary education presents a comprehensive analysis of the status of early childhood education worldwide. It also outlines a set of practical recommendations for governments and partners to make quality pre-primary education universal and routine.

Read more https://data.unicef.org/resources/a-world-ready-to-learn-report/

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