The New Dynamics of Online Teaching and Its Impact on Young Children

The New Dynamics of Online Teaching and Its Impact on Young Children

The second webinar in this series was conducted on February 11, 2021. The topic of the webinar was, ‘The New Dynamics of Online Teaching and Its Impact on Young Children’: How parents and teachers can help children overcome the challenges of online teaching and help them continue their learning effectively. Mr. Aien Shah, Head of Education, Aga Khan Education Service, Pakistan (AKESP) was the guest speaker and Ms. Arooj Saqib was the moderator of the webinar.

The speaker in his presentation focused on the new dynamics of online learning created by the pandemic, how AKESP addressed this issue, how the digital divide has created inequality among learners living in different geographical areas, issues of connectivity to broadband internet, the impact of digital education on teachers and students, how to keep students motivated and engaged behind the computers by gaining and retaining their attention, the lessons learnt by AKESP such as the opportunity created by the pandemic to engage parents to assist children in their learning to ensure the human factor which is essential for young children to learn and develop, and the different blended approaches AKESP followed to continue and maximize students’ learning.

This webinar also provided latest research and facts regarding teaching and learning during and post COVID-19 scenario. Moreover, it focused on developing an understanding about new dynamics of teaching and learning frameworks, development and digitization of content, cyber security protocols for children, learning gaps and compromises created by e-learning, more workable solutions, customization of the content incorporating local context, geographical dynamics and reinforcement and individual learning needs. For more details, visit the below links:

Webinar Recording Part 1

Webinar Recording Part 2

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