Growing in an Inclusive Home Environment and its Impact on Child Development

Growing in an Inclusive Home Environment and its Impact on Child Development

The fifth and final session of this webinar series titled as ‘Growing in an Inclusive Home Environment and its Impact on Child Development, the speaker talked about the following important topics: a) the understanding of inclusion and importance of inclusion. b) how to engage with siblings, and c) learning how to build resilience and cope with stress.

The panelist described inclusion by saying that it means always being together, participating, supporting, learning, and welcoming. She further said that inclusion helps in creating a good environment at home, developing strong relationships with family members and beyond and helps in creating better social life and helps in improving academic performance of children and attendance at schools. She further talked about parental involvement in the child’s life and how it benefits a child. While talking about the benefits of inclusion at home, she said that it can create harmony and effective communication between parents and their children and fosters better collaboration between parents and teachers.

She further said that it can also help parents in better understanding social, emotional and intellectual developmental needs of their child. Inclusion at school, she said helps children develop better understanding of key concepts, improve performance and build more confidence. Moreover, she said that all children benefit from inclusive education because it allows them to develop individual strengths, foster a school culture of respect and belongingness, and develop as a community. While concluding the webinar the panelist talked about building resilience and how to cope with stress.

She described the Self-Efficacy Model of Psychologist Albert Bandura; explaining the theory she said that self-efficacy is people & beliefs in their capabilities to exercise control over their own functioning and over events that affect their lives. She concluded her talk by saying that self-efficacy can provide the foundation for motivation, well-being, and personal accomplishment.




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