Weekly Radio Programme on Early Childhood Development in Collaboration with Allama Iqbal Open University

Weekly Radio Programme on Early Childhood Development in Collaboration with Allama Iqbal Open University


Pakistan Alliance for Early Childhood and Allama Iqbal Open University jointly initiated a weekly radio programme on Early Childhood Development (ECD). The purpose of the programme is to create mass awareness about ECD and to promote the upcoming International Conference on ECD.

ECD experts are invited as guest speakers to the studio to talk about different themes of the conference. The programme is moderated by Dr Rehmatulllah Bhatti, Assistant Professor at AIOU .

Sub-themes of the Conference include the following:


Theme 1: Policy Framework and Initiatives (potential multi-sector collaboration for ECD):

  • A Life-course Perspective to ECD: The Nurturing Care Framework(good health, adequate nutrition, responsive caregiving, security & safety, opportunities for early learning)
  • The Right of Every Family and Child to ECD Services
  • Physical and Mental Health of Caregivers
  • Mother & Child Health
  • Sustainable and Cost Effective ECD Programme
  • Resource Mobilisation and Allocation for ECD
  • Quality Assurance and Assessment Practices in ECD
  • Accreditation of ECD Programmes
  • Training of ECD Professionals & Human Resources
  • Public-Private Partnerships for Promoting ECD
  • Child Rights & Protection
  • Role of Private Sector in ECD
  • Mass Awareness ECD Programmes
  • Advocacy for Promoting Holistic ECD

Theme 2: Transitioning from Home to ECD Center, Pre-school and to Formal School

  • Nourishing Hearts: Responsive Care and Parenting
  • Parental Education for ECD
  • First 1000 days of life
  • Role of Fathers in ECD
  • Community-based Models and Practices in ECD
  • Home-based ECD Programmes
  • School-readiness Programmes

Theme 3: What works in ECD (What we know works well: noteworthy practices in ECD):

  • The Role of Play in ECD
  • The Role of Language and Communication Skills Development
  • The Role of Positive Emotions in ECD
  • Inclusive ECD Practices
  • Use of Technology in the early years and its effects (positive & negative)
  • Learning styles and multiple intelligence


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